Monday, January 26, 2009


I've had blood tests every day since I got out of the hospital. They called me today to tell me I'd 'graduated' and that I only needed blood tests on Tu, Fr, and Su.

Big deal. That still ties me down in Seattle. I guess it's not a BIG deal, because Ed has to be in Ottawa in two weeks. I'll see him this weekend, but not the next.

Of course, if I can get them to break the shackles, I could go to Ottawa with him for the weekend....... but do I wanna? Ottawa is COLD in Feb. Ed will be in seminars all day. Gotta think this one out. Look at the expense v the reward.

But now to the gore. I'm still not making blood and what's there is seeping out of me like I was a 100 year old bota bag.

I can easily fill (and I mean fill) a paper towel with blood just by blowing my nose. It's easy to do on command.

I bruise in places I haven't even bumped. The phlebotomist asked me today what I'd done to my hand. I had no idea I'd done anything. Sure as heck, the bruise is the size of my entire thumb.

I've got petechiae all over my arms and legs. Think "nude house painter".

My feet and ankles are bruising because of hydraulic pressure and edema.

There's blood on the sheets and pillow cases. (They're good sheets, so don't tell Ed.)

I guess this means I'm making blood..... after all, I'm apparently overflowing. Gotta talk to the team tomorrow. I feel slightly better, but I look like death.

Confused...... what's the objective here again?


Roobeedoo said...

What's the objective? be well enough to have a good quality of life?
P.S. Buy burgundy sheets - very fashionable! said...

Sounds like you're making it - and perhaps plenty of it - but it's as though the former sieve (your skin) isn't tight enough to hold it in... you're acting like you've been pumped up with Cumadin (sp?) but I'm sure the team will find a way to make you feel even better - except for the guilt about the bedsheets.

Hammer said...

Heck. The forecast for Ottawa is worse than Dauphin's. My recommendation, stay home.
Go to Ottawa in the fall some time. It's beautiful then.
It's cold now.