Monday, January 19, 2009

The canary in the cage.

A couple of readers have asked about the treatment I've been getting. The video shows what's going on, but it's not a logical course of treatment for MM.

First, I should apologize for my rude behavior at the end of the video. I was feeling a bit irreverent. Sometimes I'm a bad boy. I'm not always politically correct. Sometimes I'm 53 going on 13.

But now to the explanation.

You saw a mouthpiece covering my prodigious beak. The mouthpiece was attached to a plastic hose, and the hose was attached to a SPAG (Small Particle Aerosol Generator).

Inside the SPAG is an antiviral drug called Ribavirin. A very very very fine powdered crystalline aerosol is created for me to breathe over a 2 hour period, three times a day. I breathe it directly through the mouthpiece.

The surrounding tent is designed to capture, control, and filter the particulate matter that escapes when I exhale. That's the 'jet engine' you heard in the video. The video has pretty accurate sound, and it's identical to the engine noises of a 727 or MD80 in ground operation. Thus, the comment about 'bird strikes'.

The filter system draws air past my face and rearward through the big blue filter system you can see behind me.

Most of the room is covered with sheets so that the crystals don't go everywhere. They're seriously abrasive. They irritate eyes, membranes, and skin. The technicians leave the room as soon as they turn the SPAG on. You can see the headwear they use so that they don't have to breathe what I breathe.

So what's the Ribavirin do? It kills/disables/deactivates the viruses I have. It's working. My chest cold/bronchitis/whatever is finally going away.


Hammer said...

Thanks for clearing that up.
And that's a seriously interesting way to deliver pharmaceuticals.
Medical hotboxing. Bring back any memories?

And the 'bird strike' at the end of the video was classic. That, and the reaction of the camera operator, were the best parts of the video.

motopacsman said...

If I'd had a device like that when I was in my early 20's, I would have a permanent smile and only 2 brain cells remaining.