Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Based on my earlier post, I feel I made some good progress with Dr. D. today.

Unfortunately I also got a realistic perspective of my reality.

My spontaneous bleeding is no big deal. It's drug induced.

My drug levels are being monitored, at least in part, by observation of muscular tremors.

Blood numbers aren't going up, but they stopped going down so rapidly.

I'm still tremendously immunocompromised.

The statistical mortality rate for people in my situation is still rather high.

Meanwhile, I'm looking in the mirror and trying to see Steve Austin.

There you have it.


Roobeedoo said...

Blimey - I knew healthcare was expensive in the States, but that's ridiculous!
Statistics? You've been warned about those!

spiritwoman34atmsn.com said...

Well, they DO have the technology... and you have been sort-of rebuilt (from the insides out)... and imagine when Steve Austin was being re-constructed what the dollar was worth then... you must be worth at last six billion in today's currency!!! Of course, there is no money, so in fact, Andre, you are PRICELESS!!!

tim's wife said...

Here's the thing about statistics. I know 2 men whose wives and families were told they had a 0% chance of survival. I don't know how a doctor can say that unless the patient is already gone or the doctor's first name is "almighty" and he's got a hippy looking guy standing next to him in a loin cloth with holes in his hands and feet. Anyway, they are both fine today.
The morals of this story.... statistics are a waste, doctors shouldn't play God, and don't get pancreatitis(what they both had.)