Friday, February 27, 2009

Every two weeks....

Every two weeks, just like clockwork, the SCCA calls me to get a blood transfusion. They always call on Friday afternoon. They always schedule it like it was some kind of emergency over the weekend.

So they called at about 3pm today, and big DUH!. They wanted me to do a STAT transfusion of 2 units of whole blood. Their proposal - T&C on Friday afternoon with most of Saturday being transfused.

But Ed's coming home tonight and my brother and his hubby are flying in tomorrow for lunch. (Yeah, they're wacky that way.)

We've got stuff to do, so I told the SCCA to go away. We can do this Monday. Heck, if it's gonna be every 2 weeks like clockwork, we might as well screw up my Monday instead of my weekends with Ed. Let's allow the calendar to slide a bit.

They agreed to do a T&C on Sunday at my usual draw. The transfusion will be scheduled for Monday afternoon. Thankfully Ed will be here through Monday morning in case I slide down a slippery slope, but it shouldn't be a problem.

Personal opinion: They'll call me next week for platelets. I'm bruising like a 104 year old woman again.

You know what's odd? If I don't make any trips to Vancouver, I can actually drive my truck for a longer time than I can drive myself. 2 weeks on blood, 3 weeks on a full tank of fuel. The tank of fuel is only $40ish. The blood is like..... blood!

It seems I'm less efficient than an F150 with a V8 engine, but you can't start calling me Mr. Greenhouse Gas!


ron said...

Sure we can. I'm sure you're still full of methane. said...

Perhaps you're a Hummer?

ArgyleStyle said...

I can so relate to the OMG-It's an emergency, you need to come in now!!!!!! attitude from the SCCA. Then you go, sit and wait. And wait. And wait. And wait some more. And are asked to come back later that afternoon or evening. So frustrating.