Monday, February 09, 2009


The last week has been an odd thing. The trend is toward feeling better, however, a spontaneous sampling on any given hour might show that I'm WAY in the dumps. It may also show that I'm amped and feeling like a marathoner. The data points don't make a very smooth curve. If I blogged hour to hour, you'd think I was bipolar.

What I have to do is recognize the source of the distress/recovery. Unfortunately it's my gut (where the majority of my GVHD is). It's my fault. I've got to stop pushing the performance envelope with tasty/spicy foods and large vegetable content. Unfortunately I'm not exercising enough willpower to control my both Ed's and my personal desires. We both like tasty food.

If I stick to oat meal, Cream of Wheat, instant mashies, rice, and plain meats with soy sauce or plain salt, I'm cool. In fact, I don't even know my lower GI exists.... but if I go for fried meats and simple black pepper, leafy green veggies, or (heaven forbid) coffee, I'll spend part of my future regretting my past. I've been to purgatory and it has porcelain fixtures.

Some of you know my palate, and this is NOT fun. I need to stick with a diet even the Norse would think was dull. Picture Odin offering me a bowl of boiled whitefish and a potato with a little bit of sea salt.

My response? "Please sir, may I have some more?"

(Yes, the little movies in your mind just went flicker-flicker-flicker. Huh?)


Roobeedoo said...

OK so no spices - but how about herbs? Some thyme and lemon juice on e.g. grilled chicken? Rosemary on lamb? Apple sauce on a pork chop?

Paul Y. said...

Beer marinated pork steaks? said...

Can you have maple syrup? Add mint leaves (jelly?) to oatmeal... if you go bland (but not dull) for awhile, perhaps the gradual progress of your good health will allow you to introduce more flavorful foods once in awhile... Can you eat canned salmon? How about salmon over brown rice with toasted sliced almonds?
Hope some of your readers have some other ideas...