Thursday, February 05, 2009

Back in Seattle.

I'm in Seattle this afternoon as I have an appointment at the SCCA tomorrow. My little journey was pleasant, but I really don't care for packing, unpacking, packing, and unpacking. Ed and I are figuring the details of this out. Two sets of clothes and two of everything else should resolve any issues with having two lives.

My CMV seems to be resolved. They took me off Foscarnet yesterday and we will probably change my hydration slightly tomorrow. I'm hoping we can go down to 500cc total from my current 750. Prednisone levels are still ~50mg/day. GI activity is normal. Early satiety continues.

On the bright side, I finally stumbled on the recipe for a "Bacon Explosion". Click the link if you don't eat vegan, vegetarian, Kosher, or Halal.

My buddy Art did one of these recently. He spoke of 'overdose' afterward. Must be good.


Roobeedoo said...

Also known as a "Scooby snack" - what do you mean you don't like ScoobyDoo?! FL is just tucking into bacon, egg, edam cheese, liver, olives tomatoes and fruit pudding. I had to leave the room!

John said...

OMG! LOL about the bacon explosion. My friend Lobo would like some of that.


Anonymous said...

Great for those who want to go out with a bang! I've heard fresh orange juice is good to counteract the effects of nitrates... probably should mix it with a little vodka... wowsa!!! said...

Should we be calling you Agent Kilbrick from here on?