Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The line in the sand.

I had appointments at the SCCA today. It was a regular visit, but I was also to receive the results of my doctor's "line in the sand" testing. In the last week, he's challenged every possible myeloma test so we can move forward.

Tomorrow is Day 180. Yes, six months since the last transplant. Six months of treading water. Six months of curiosity. Six months of 'maybe'.

And now we have the answer in fairly definite terms. As previously reported, 100% of the bone marrow in me is somebody else's ---> mine now. As of this last test, Sangre d'Andre is dead and gone. Except for a special little bag in a liquid nitrogen bath, there is no more Andre blood on the planet. Even that will be gone soon.

But the bigger result is: There are no symptoms of MM. There are no residual indicators of MM. There are no markers that suggest it may be lingering. Every single test shows there is no cancer at all. Everything from ultra sensitive scientific testing to "lab researcher seat of the pants" tests show the MM is gone. Bye-bye! Good riddance. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Gone.

So, I survived cancer. Now I just have to survive the cure. I have no immune system. I'm still not making new blood. Recent changes to my drug routine seem to be changing the picture though. Hopefully we'll turn the corner soon.

I feel better this month than I did last month, or the month before. Things are improving. They're working on it. Ed and I are working on it. We'll get through this even if it kills me.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Amazing. Surreal. Congrats!

Do you literally have no immune system, or just compromised? Do you have 0 neutrophils I guess is the question? Or perhaps you are defining it differently... How long have you had no immune system? Any idea how much longer you will not have one?

So, the blood production issue is part of GVHD?

Nevertheless... You go, Andre! You go, Ed!

Roobeedoo said...

So now you need to be cured of the cure? Hmmm. "Cured Andre" sounds like something from the charcuterie counter doesn't it?! Good luck honey!

Paul Young said...

Your a funny man Andre!

Congrats on the cure and here's to sorting out the remaining issues!

The open road is calling, it is time to get on with life!

spiritwoman34atmsn.com said...

Each time another combatant leaves the MM field, there is hope for those who remain... and for those who are fighting so they can join you, may they have the strength and courage and resources to face the daily grind of chemical cocktails created to win the MM war.
Although you will never be the same from this dreadful challenge you have faced, Andre, you have given others a lot of hope through your blog and I personally appreciate your candor and humor along with the education I have received about MM.
Blessings to you and Ed for the life to come....

John said...

This is such good news! The SCCA deserves some applause for getting such a cranky patient through the maze of treatments. LOL.

I'm happy for you and Ed and your doctors and nurses. I wish you continued good health and strength with the recuperation. Please continue to be careful.

tim's wife said...

Fantastic!!! Hopefully, the worst is over. It looks like the biggest obstacle is gone. What a blessing!

ron said...

Such dark humor. I knew there was something about you I liked.
Now that you are someone else do we have to be reintroduced?

Broom said...

congrats andre!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, so we're not "blood" brothers anymore?
Looks like we'll be checking things off that list.