Sunday, February 01, 2009


Ed got home about 9pm on Friday night. Life was good.

Saturday turned into a giant series of SCCA errors again. I really don't know what to do about it besides document it for posterity. Skip the rest of this post if you don't want to hear me belly-ache.


At about 9am on Saturday, Ed an I appeared at the SCCA for a blood draw and a T&C. Then we went to breakfast.

At 10:30, we got a call requesting my appearance at noon for 2 units of blood. We finished breakfast, picked up some things at home, and appeared at the OK Corral (where the wireless internet was down hard).

AN HOUR later,they called me to a room. Yeah, we sat in the isolation area with masks on for 60 minutes. The room they put us in is not an "isolation room". I've been on their official "respiratory isolation" list for more than 4 continuous months. The fact that I walk around the facility with a pink facemask on doesn't seem to register with them. It's their facemask, their rule, their policy. I comply with their rules as soon as I enter the facility.

I brought my condition to their attention AGAIN. After some consternation as to whether they had an isolation room available, they stuck us in another room. The room had not been fully serviced, so I have my doubts about its qualifications as an iso.

Let me explain: They want me in an iso room so I don't infect others. Then they stick me in a room with exposed infectious agents. Two strikes on Saturday. Who's infecting who?

At about 1:30 they announced that my blood hadn't been delivered yet. Then they took my blood pressure.

The drugs must work quite well. It was only 127/81.

The transfusion started at about 1:45. 2 units of blood take 4 hours to infuse. The SCCA closes at 5p on Saturdays. Do the math. Solution? Turn up the pump!

At 5:08pm, Ed and I were in the car. The parking garage was closed. Yeah, the gates were down. The attendant made some things happen for us. He was a very helpful and cooperative guy. He must be quite familiar with patient frustration.

Anyway, I have energy because I have blood again. I feel like doggie doo because of the process.

We went to Chang's Gourmet for dinner. I ate too many leafy green veggies. I loved them yesterday. I hate them today.

Scales of Justice, and all that.

Time to move on. Monday morning is another day.

Oddity du jour: I just checked the spelling on this message. Blogger's spell checker says the word "internet" is incorrectly spelled. A second check shows that "Blogger's" is also incorrect. Huh?

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Anonymous said...

So you don't infect others? With what? Good sense? Mercy!!