Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday in the hospital with Andre

We are back in the hospital. Repeat cycle. We're tired. If any of you want to visit, he's in 8NE of the UW Hospital. Call or email me first to make sure he's awake enough to have company. He sleeps all day.



Roobeedoo said...

Hugs to both.

Paul Young said...

Hang in there guys! You have been and continue to be in my thoughts.

Amy said...

Ed, you and Andre do not know me but I read this blog regularly. I am all-too familiar with the UWMC, the SCCA, myeloma and GVHD. You both are in my daily thoughts and I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you and wishing you well.

Brad Felmey said...


Good thoughts on the way. I wish we were closer so I could be of more support. :(

Erich said...

Hey Andre,

Erich here in cowburg. I want you to know I'm rootin' for you. I need more of your great photos to look at.

The shack in arkyland was spared from the tornado that went through town in April and toothpicked 'bout a hundred houses. Missed us by 2 miles. The door is always open whenever you can make it!

Saint Ed, thanks a million for takin' care of Andre.

Love ya both!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the hope and be kind with each other. This stuff sucks. You will make it through this one too...

My hubby was on 8NE last week and I went by to say hi/meet Andre, but he must have been sleeping (even my loud knock didn't wake him).

Hugs to you both!

John said...

Andre & Ed;

I just wanted you to know I'm following your latest adventures. (?) I'm hoping the docs unravel the knots in the GVHD. Best wishes going forward.

tim's wife said...

Prayers and positive thoughts coming your way from Jersey.
Hope things turn around real soon!

Gary said...

Andre and Ed,

You don't know me but I do recall seeing Andre at the Hutch and saying "Hi" in passing now and then. I "ditto" Amy's comments up above (especially since she's my daughter).

I'll never say "I know what you're going through" because only the two of you "know." I will say that I understand what you're going through - and that deinitely includes Ed as a caregiver.

My thoughts are with you throughout.