Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

Today, May 22nd, is Andre's birthday. He is still in the hospital but is getting better each day.

To ALL his readers: please write him a short note in the the comments section. I think it will cheer him up hearing from ALL of you.

Many thanks,


Broom said...

Happy Birthday!

You'll both be home in Vancouver soon enough enjoying the summer weather.

best wishes from Texas.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Andre.

Hammer said...

Happy Birthday from your favourite Canadian redneck!

Praying that you're out soon and up in not-typically-so-sunny-but-perpetually-cheery Vancouver for the exciting runup to the games. It's going to be a zoo there for the next year and no one who willingly decided to relocate into that mess should be allowed to avoid it simply by hiding out in a hospital. :)

Here is something to keep an eye on for a while:

A friend and I got a crazy idea to build barstool racers. Well, the project is underway. Could be a couple of weeks before more fabbing occurs as we're waiting on parts.

Daria said...

Happy Birthday Andre!

Paul Young said...

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Andre!
Happy birthday to you!
Cha cha cha!

(sung to the tune of "Happy Birthday")

Trust me, this is way better than me singing it in person.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Andre! Hoping you feel better very soon! said...

As a Taurus with five (yep, got that many!) planets in Gemini, I feel I am qualified to extend birthday greetings at the same time I am doing something else - isn't that what Geminis are known for? The duality of listening to two conversations at the same time while writing a letter to someone else? And being able to answer questions correctly from all comers? Seriously, Andre, my biggest gift to you today is to send you a Whopping large amount of Reiki energy to kick start your new year!! Continue to embrace the new cells and let the Andre cells know they were loved once but have to relinquish their hold so you can go on... like a clingy relationship, aren't they? I intend this happens and you and Ed have a great celebration together soon. Blessings to you on this special day...

Anonymous said...

I have been following you since before the "big day." Have a Happy Birthday today. I hope that from here on you do outstanding.
Soon I will go through an allogeneic, and after having read your blog, I think I can do it.

Jake said...

Happy birthday.

Hurry up and get better so you can come visit again.


John said...

Here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday. I hope the nurses make you a cake!

John in Oregon

Anonymous said...

happy birthday

Anonymous said...

Andre.. Happy Happy birthday!!!!
You need to get better so we can have some drinks 2gether again~~ Warm wishes and bunch of hugs!
Happy Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Andre!
Hope you are feeling better and home soon :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! Let's drink 5 or 10 of your famous mojitos to celebrate. Call me up when ever you are ready. :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday..hope you will have better days soon


Roobeedoo said...

Happy Birthday Andre!!!!

We will drink to you tonight!

Ru and Al

Nick said...

Andre -

Happy belated birthday from a fellow Myeloma battler. I am from Los Angeles but have been ensconced in Little Rock, Arkansas doing the double autologous transplant thing. I just started my second course of Melphalan and will have the transplant on Tuesday.

If there is anything that makes the four cycles of massive chemo here including the two transplants sound like a walk in the park, it's hearing of your struggles with GVHD. At least you know that if you can make it through the complications, it should hopefully be curative!

My birthday wish for you is a rapid recovery followed by sustained complete remission and a long, happy, healthy life. That's a tall order -- but dammit, you deserve it!

Be well.


Gary said...


Lin said...

Happy belated Birthday from the southern Vancouver. It"'s good yo see you improving. Best wishes.


Anonymous said...

Hippo birdie, Andre!
Get well and then let's meet at the Chapel for martinis!

Meri Hall

Anonymous said...

Happy Flipping Birthday you superstar you! With all sorts of affection for you and your great sense of humor and fabulous writing skills... your friend, Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Andre and Ed,

I hope you had a great birthday celebration together. You are both in my thoughts and prayers always. Andre, I'm sorry I've done an awful job of staying in touch.



Julie P said...

Happy Birthday Andre! Sorry I missed it. I only read blogs once a week. You're in my thoughts & prayers.


Anonymous said...

hope to see you on your bike soon. the weather is so nice and perfect for riding. happy, happy birthday....totally belated!