Friday, July 10, 2009

ICU Day 22

I'm back in Seattle after being in Vancouver since Wednesday afternoon. I've kept up on Andre's progress by calling the nurses at least three times a day, but the day nurse today was quite thoughtful. She called me an hour before the end of her shift to tell me about Andre's progress. He's been breathing on his own (with pressure support from the ventilator) since 9 AM this morning. The respiratory therapist had just put him back on the ventilator at 8:30 PM to rest him for the night. The remaining issue is still the level of his sedation. He's still being kept quiet most of the day. I hope tomorrow they'll go back lowering the sedation while he's breathing on his own.


Ron said...

Thanks Ed for the update. said...

It crossed my mind today as I drove with windows down that it might be useful for Andre to have music that he likes playing - or should it be the sound of motorcycles engines racing past? You are both in my prayers daily... and more often than just once when I see (or hear) bikers roar past me on the freeway.

Roobeedoo said...

We're back, and all holiday we kept seeing guys on bikes speeding along the Scottish mountain roads and every time thought of you, Andre - one day, you must!!! Not a single set of tiger ears to be seen - tsk!
Ed - so hard to keep calm but you seem to have found a kind nurse - that's good news.
Sorry to hear about Andre's panic attacks - as Spiritwoman said, could you play music he likes to help calm him?
Keep on keeping on, chaps!

Anonymous said...

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