Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Batman speaks.

This is Andre. Simple facts in this post, mainly because I've been drugged and tired and 'fat reduced" for some time. I checked in to UW Hospital on May 7. Today is June 9. Do the math.

Body weight, 138# with daily TPN. Holding steady.

GI system not working. Salmon is the only thing I can eat, practically. It's available, but it's a hospital kitchen. "Overdone" is the only way it's served.

Blood system, still not working. Deja ju, all over again.

Isolation. I'm not allowed out of this room except for procedures. Unless I'm being X-rayed, I'm a prisoner.

Rashes, infections, and afflictions abound, the result of living in the real world with no immune system.

So I walked in here and they got most of it under control this month. But sometime during my stay I inhaled a tiny little aspergillis spore and it settled in my lungs. Since it's settled into its new home, it's managed to carve out a nice little 41mm cavern out of my left lung.

And then the doctors all went into panic mode. Duh!

It was announced to me. "We're going to take your lung." It was suggested they'd try to get surgery to schedule me Tuesday (Today).

Well, after a lot of headbanging, a lot of brainwork, asking a lot of questions, it looks like surgery might happen next week sometime late IF it happens.

So, I get to wait in the hospital for another week, drugged until I quite literally "freak out". Given blood, treatments, platelets. Maybe surgery a few days later, then recovery time. Dunno what that means, really. I'm looking at another 30 days, but we'll work for the best. Will advise.


ron said...

holy sh!t

Roobeedoo said...

Ron said it all.
Hope Robin is there with you.

Cari said...

Lemme know if there's someplace I can pick up some good salmon from that you'd eat. -Cari

Broom said...

good luck andre. keep fighting.

Amy said...

Andre, please let me know if there's anything I can do for you or Ed--I'm nearby and happy to help. A stranger, sure, but concerned for you.


spiritwoman34atmsn.com said...

I've got you on my Reiki List and will call in some of my supporters to send you more energy for this upcoming event. I know I cannot come and see you, but if there is something I could cook and bring by for you, let me know... I'm not too far away... I looked for salmon in the ladders at the Locks for you, but none yet.