Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Andre update

It's a little past 11:30 AM. I've just finish chatting with the attending doc and the PA (a medical practitioner peculiar to the US) since Andre's completely knocked out by the anti-anxiety medication he took an hour ago.

Andre has indicated to the PA early this morning that he wants to leave the hospital. It is his right and I perfectly understand where he is coming from, but I know it's not the medically correct thing to do . The doctor and the PA promised to look into at least allowing Andre out of his room where he's been coop up since May 10 (outside of the 3 days that he was sent home, he's been in the UW hospital since April 28 and he was also not allowed to leave his room during that first hospital stay). Not being able to leave a cramp hospital room for that long will drive anyone nuts. Everyone directly involved in Andre's care appreciates his patience and understands that it's running short. We'll wait for them to talk to the oncology floor director to make an exception in his case.

I'm also doing my best to press the doctors to get the surgery done. I think part of Andre's reasoning for wanting to go home is that "nothing" is moving forward with the surgery carrot that they've dangled for the last two weeks. Most of you who've met Andre knows that he is not one to just sit and wait--he's a man of action. And now, the tedium is just too much for him to bear.

Hopefully, the next update will have better news.


Cari said...

Don't mess with Andre! I hope the docs figure something out soon. Enough pussyfooting around already.

Roobeedoo said...

Andre sounds more and more like a lion in a cage! But at least that implies pent-up energy - and I am sure you will do all you can to help him direct it towards fighting the nasties! Keep on fighting chaps!

Nurse Bonecutter said...

I know all too well just how Andre can be when he's frustrated with the care he's receiving. Some things will never change.....drained or not..;) that boy is a fighter. Its something to definitely admire. Sending you both lots of love..*hugs*

Holly said...

I can't even begin to imagine how all the delays have been affecting the both of you as well as all of your friends and family. I know when my husband was diagnosed with a tumor, he wanted it out "yesterday," yet had to wait a month for surgery since he was Dx around the winter holidays! Ugh!

I've enjoyed dropping in on your blog from time to time and keep you bookmarked so I can find you with ease. The world of cancer, as crappy as it can be, extends my world of friends and family that I certainly need as a caretaker. Just knowing all sorts of people from all walks of life are out there and "fighting the good fight" keeps me sane!

You are both in my prayers and I really, really hope you get some answers soon. Thanks for sharing your lives, and I loved the video!

God Bless!