Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The cure.

It wasn't long ago that I talked about 'being cured of the cure' or somesuch wording. Let me tell you that today was a perfect example of the difficulty I'm having with that.

You know I've been anemic. You know I've been tapering my steroids. You know the hurdles.

Well, over the last 3 days, I've stumbled over every hurdle known to man.

Kidney function levels are ~3x what they should be. Red blood cell counts are horrible and I'm scheduled for a transfusion again tomorrow. Many of my meds are being adjusted to protect my kidneys. I'm back on a liter of hydration every day.

.....and my prednisone steroids are going back up to regular dosage levels......

In short, I'm still not making blood, my kidneys are suffering, and I feel like dog doo. Apparently I look good, which means I'll make a lovely corpse.

I should mention that I only weigh 153# with clothes and shoes on. I might set a new personal record.

...but I still don't have cancer, just GVHD. Where can I buy a T-shirt?


John E. Smith said...


I think about you guys often. You are my link to the SCCA and the ambience of that experience, the bustle and the waiting; the anxiety and the hope.

I'm rooting that the GVHD can resolve itself. The cure sounds like torture, unending procedures spiced with doubt.

I hope that in between visits to the SCCA you can get out and ride and feel free of the chains of your myeloma.

My best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Sign me up for that T-shirt! My hubby just started allo, has been sick as a dog since day 1 (or I should say day 0). The irony...