Friday, March 13, 2009

Good and bad

It's been a bit over 4 months since I rode the motorcycle anywhere. Between the weather, hospitalization, and a horrible lack of confidence, The Tigermobile has sat in the garage. Mind you, there's been a lot of attention payed to her, but she hasn't been out dancing in quite a while.

But today was 57F and sunny. I would have been ashamed if I'd stayed inside all day, so I suited up, donned my ears and tail, and overcame my apprehensions.

She's put on a few pounds since the last time we "tripped the light fantastic". She now carries The Tiger's complete office (laptop, cameras, first aid kit, locks, etc.) as well as having had an "augmentation" (additional headlights).

It still amazes me how light she is on her feet. It amazes me how natural I feel dancing with her. I lead, she follows instinctively. There is no negotiation, no arbitration. I say turn and she turns. I say stop and she stops. I say go and she asks how fast.

And that's the truly amazing part of it all. Metaphors aside, I haven't been on two wheels in a long time (for me). It's positively shocking how natural it is. It's like walking. Maybe even more natural than walking. It's like breathing. It's strange and I'm happy. This is good stuff

The title is "Good and bad.", so where's the bad?

The SCCA called me this afternoon. They requested another blood test and they asked me to get another "G" shot. I complied at about 4pm this afternoon.

What does that mean? "G" forces the marrow to produce blood across the spectrum (red, white, platelets, etc.). "G" has a fairly temporary effect on my blood counts. We get a bump up, I feel like somebody beat me with a garden hose, and then we get a drop in numbers. It's a temporary prop at best.

Now let's think about this: I was given 2 units of whole blood on Monday evening. The "G" prop-up is based on blood tests I had this morning, Friday. Yes kids, that's Monday night to Friday morning, or 3.5 days. Half a week.

Mind you, a "G" shot isn't a transfusion, and the "G" wasn't given to support my red blood cell count, but it's frustrating as hell to get these persistent reminders that my bone marrow isn't working.

Thank goodness Ed will be home in a few short hours.


Anonymous said...

We're going through something similar - and nobody seems to have any answers as to why things aren't working. How about for you? Anyone have any worthwhile potential explanations? Not that why solves much, but it might offer hope of a solution, I guess. Hang in there! Hugs to you and Ed -

Roobeedoo said...

Can I just focus on the good, please? Maybe you could ask them to plumb you in to the motorbike, since oil clearly flows through your veins anyway..?